Congresses and Conventions

Mar del Plata is the most important Argentine destination for congresses and conventions after Buenos Aires. The wide range of facilities and services, along with organizing experience and highly skilled human resources, make Mar del Plata a favourite venue for all kinds of meetings, congresses and conventions.

More than 200 meetings with approximately 40.000 participants take place in Mar del Plata per year. 
Business and pleasure merge in a city that guarantees the success of any event.  

Congress Facilities in Mar del Plata

Casa del Mar. Villa Garca Uriburu - Saln de la Casa Antigua
Scaglia 5400 Camet Playas
Teléfono/fax:(0223) 479-8688          2235-604871
Zona: Camet Playas
Celular: 2235-604871
Zona: Camet, Playas
Capacidad Cocktail: 100
Capacidad Banquete: 70
Capacidad Auditorio: 100
Facebook: Casa del Mar